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 NEW POSTING – September 14th

Indoor Travel Team Practice Scheduled For September 24th. 

Sachem East HS

Players selected to the program on September 10th will attend this practice. (Click) for time slots by division.  U12 Division begins October 22nd.

Additional Indoor Travel Team Tryouts for New Members Only  September 24th (click)

September 10th Tryout results now posted (click)

USAFH Membership Transfers – Open Enrollment August 1st thru October 1st. 

Enrollment Period – Individuals may declare their club affiliation at the time of joining as a new member or during the Open Enrollment Period. The Open Enrollment Period is August 1-October 1 of the current calendar year.  Contact USAFH to transfer your membership during this time period.


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 U12 LIFHA League Information (click)  League games to start September 17th.  Email has been sent out to participants

2017-18 Indoor Program Informational email to prior members  sent.  If you did not receive contact Mary at  Admin@strongislandfieldhockey.com